Biography and index to paintings

This is a retirement project and is under revision.  The former site link is

An artist’s life

If the links don’t work right now, give me a little time next week to work on this.



7 thoughts on “Biography and index to paintings

  1. I have a small painting done by Carl R. Krafft. The painting is done on an oil board and entitled “Across the River”. The colors used in the painting are dark.

  2. Yes, that was a popular title for several of his paintings. He often painted smaller versions to try out the design before doing a larger version. Did you inherit it or is it a purchase?

    • The painting was in the possession of Dorothy Durovich (my mother-in-law) and upon her death, we inherited the painting. I will have a picture taken and post it.

    • Good morning, Joel. This is one of my retirement projects that got side-track with other responsibilities. Trying again to get back to it. I have the database you created with the cards and I acquired the cards after my sister passed away. I’ve been adding to my spreadsheet as I’ve discovered additional works. I’m trying to decide how best to organize the online gallery to include the comments along with descriptions that I have found. Any suggestions? ~Diane

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