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  1. Have inherited acarl r Kraft with thumbprint harbor scene. Was purchased from Marshall fields.my mother lived in melrose park and came east to conn. In 1948. I am having it cleaned and the restorer is questioning whether he used a tinted varnish as part of his technique or is this an untainted varnish that has oxidized. Answer would determine how she would proceed. She took several pictures. She is unsure if he used a tinted varnish to enhance a vibrant sundown.
    Would appreciate hearing from you.

    • Interesting that your mother moved to CT the same year as my mother and family moved from CT!
      I have no way of knowing if he used tinted or un-tinted varnish. I had several of the Krafft paintings cleaned and that question was discussed. Just a cleaning brought out the vibrant colors. Does your painting have the information with the title of the painting on the back of the canvas? I have index cards that my mother used to record many of his works. None were listed as sold to Marshall Fields. Would knowing the painting was done probably in the 1920’s help in determine the composition of the varnish? Knowing that he taught at the Chicago Art Institute, I wonder if they would know the technique used during that time. Let me know if you find the title of the painting.

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