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If you have a painting by Carl R. Krafft and are willing to share a photo of it with the me to post on this site, please do so.  Email is given below.

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  1. I purchased a painting signed by Carl R Krafft, and it is entitled “At the Skokie”. However, I don’t see it on your list of his works. Should I be concerned?

    • No need for concern. I wondered who purchased that one at the recent auction. I have a record of only around 1,500 of his paintings and each year others are located. I’m not sure when my mother or her dad began the 3×5 card index of the paintings, but I know when she married and later moved to MN with my dad and I, she was no longer keeping those records. What survived was two filing drawers of cards – one for paintings the other for purchasers. I looked for At the Skokie when it came up for auction and didn’t find it but I know the file is incomplete. There are no records, for example, of the portraits he painted on commission.

      Thank you for making contact. I know you will enjoy the painting.


  2. I am an estate liquidator and today I picked up 3 of Krafft’s original paintings and am looking to sell them. I will be listing them on eBay starting tomorrow. One is called “Path to the River. I have not checked the others. 2 are on canvas and one is on board. If anyone is interested please contact me. The estate that these are being sold from possibly knew him. The 3 are in very good condition and look to be in the original framing, one was purchased from a show or gallery in the Chicago area.

    • What a find! To have 3 of the paintings does indicate that they might have known him. Many of the paintings were exchanged for other services or items. I’m interested in seeing pictures of them to add to my inventory of his work. Hopefully, you’ll be able to determine the names of the other 2.

  3. There are two of Cral Krafft’s paintings in the Emerson High School of Gary, Indiana collection, both acquired in 1920:

    2. Autumn Morning – Carl R. Kraft – 1920 – $1,200.00
    4. Blue and Gold – Carl R. Kraft – 1920 – $150.00

    The paintings are currently in storage at the Emerson/Wirt High School building in the Miller Beach section of Gary. From 1920 to 2008, they hung at Emerson High School, 716 E. 7th Avenue, Gary, IN.
    The information above was taken from the “Gold and Gray Book,” a student handbook, published by the students of Emerson in 1933.

    • Thank you for the information. I will update my records and please keep in touch if you put them on display or auction. Do you know the sizes of each of them?

  4. Hi-I have just acquired one of your fathers paintings. If pictures sent could you give any information about it? Also are there any paintings that can be bought or for sale? I have read something about your fathers work that each painting has a finger print. Are they all with thumb print? Thank you very much for your time and help. A big admirer of your dads work. Kindest Regards

    • Good afternoon. My mother created a 3×5 card on many of Krafft’s paintings. If there is a card on it, I will pass on any information I do have. He painted several with the same or similar names, so the size would be helpful for me to try to match with the notes.

      About the thumb print: Not every painting has one. He started doing it when he found that others were copying his work wanted to make originals distinctive. Early paintings, thus, do not have the thumb print.

      I have found paintings for sale periodically at auction houses and once in a while on eBay. They are scattered across the US as original owners moved or their children inherited them and they moved on. One of Krafft’s grandson’s moved to Florida so I know several are in that state.

      Thank you for writing.!

  5. As I understand it, Carl was my grandfathers brother (Louis) so he would be my fathers (Lewis) uncle. I have 2 paintings. A smaller 13.5×9.5″ oil on board. No title. Shows what I would call an Ozark field. It is signed but no thumb print. The back looks like a kid sketched on it with crayons? The other is oil on canvas and measures 26.5×23.5″. It is of a boy and his dog looking over a valley. It is titled “Boyhood Days” and I believe is from 1937

  6. I have acquired a Krafft painting. My grandparents lived around the block from Carl in Oak Park. The Painting is called Autumn Day Ozarks, 1922. The inscription on the back also includes Carl’s signature. On the front is his signature but I cannot find a thumb print. The picture out of the frame is 20.5″x16.5″. I will send a photo.

    • I can’t find one with that title, but I did find Autumn Day done in 1922. I’ll try to attach the scan of my mother’s 3×5 card in an email to you.

  7. Hi I like your fathers painting of what I have seen on the internet.
    Question. Did your father mention any other painters that he painted with in Chicago Art Institute? Spec. William Eppsen. I have a 1924 oil of Eppsen that shows similiar technique.
    thank you

  8. My grandfather was an Oak Park attorney , we’ve had a Krafft painting in the family since before I was born. My dad recently gave it to me. He wasn’t sure if it was a Krafft, or a student . I removed the paper backing on the handmade frame and written in pencil is Autmn Splendor and it’s signec on the front as well. I always loved this painting . Just an anecdote’ I won the Plein Air Painters of the Ozarks award for a painting I did exhibited in Fayetteville AR.

    • And congratulations on your award! I’ve often wondered which areas in the Ozarks Carl Krafft traveled – there are so many colorful areas, especially near the streams and rivers.

  9. You have a treasure! What was your grandfather’s name? I’d like to see if my mother (Carl’s daughter) has him listed in her card file records. Yes, he often scrolled the name of the painting on the back of the handmade frame. Does his signature on the front include his thumb print? Would you be willing to share a photograph of it?
    Diane, granddaughter

    • My grandpa was Moore Peregrine . The title is Autumn Enchantment not Splendor, no thumbprint . I’ll get a pick when I get home. And thank you! I have loved this painting my entire life

      • It’s 24×27 on canvass Made Dec 1937 (shortly after I was born there in Oak Park!). Note states
        “Russett colors”
        creek – Houses in dist.
        Sold to Mrs. Peregrine.
        Larson frame

        notes on the purchaser card says it sold for $50. I’ll email you the scan of the card.

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